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Bibliography and links to Caleb Gattegno’s newsletters

Cuisenaire News: 1961 -1964

Scanned images of the original documents so very slow loading.

Issue A printed in December 1961. Edited by Brenda Briggs (PDF)
Issue B printed in June 1962. Edited by Brenda Briggs (PDF)
Issue C printed in January 1963. Edited by M J Hollyfield (PDF)
Issue D printed in February 1964. Edited by M J Hollyfield PDF)


Educational Solutions Newsletters: 1971 – 1988

New edition in 2009 – completely reset to facilitate on-line reading.

More newsletters will be put on line in PDF format and also some extracts as Web pages as soon as they are ready.


First Issue (PDF) or (Issuu) Vol. I N° 1 December 1971


Vol. I N° 2 March 1972. (Issuu)
Vol. I N° 3 May 1972. (Issuu)
News From Headquarters (Issuu) Vol. I N° 4 June 1972.)
Vol. I N° 5 August 1972 (Issuu)
Vol II, N° 1 October 1972 (PDF) or (Issuu)


Vol. II N° 2 January 1973. (Issuu)
Mathematics (Issuu) Vol. II N° 3 March 1973.
Bilingualism (Issuu) Vol. II N° 4 April 1973.
A Scientific Approach to Reading (Issuu) Vol. II N° 5 May 1973.
The Silent Way (Issuu) Vol. III N° 1 October 1973.
The Improvement of Teachers (Issuu) Vol. III N° 2 December 1973.
Involving the Paraprofessionals (Issuu) Vol. II N° 3 May 1973.


Let the Public Speak (Issuu) Vol. III N° 4 April 1974.
Thoughts for the Summer (Issuu) Vol. III N° 5 June 1974
Our Work in Remediation (Issuu) Vol. IV N° 1 September 1974.
On Evaluation (Issuu) Vol. IV N° 2 December 1974.


ESL The Silent Way (Issuu) Vol. IV N° 3 February 1975.
On Early Childhood (Issuu) Vol. IV N° 4 April 1975.
Affectivity and Learning (Issuu) Vol. IV N° 5 June 1975.
Intuition and Complexity (Issuu) Vol. V N° 1 September 1975.


Teachers are Made (Issuu) Vol. V N° 2-3 December 1975/February 1976.
On Literacy (Issuu) Vol. V N° 4 April 1976.
On Knowledge (Issuu) Vol. V N° 5 June 1976.
Back to Basics and More (Issuu) Vol. VI N° 1 September 1976.


On Mistakes (PDF) or (Issuu) Vol. VI N°2-3 December 1976/February 1977. Extract: Errors and Mistakes.
The Birth of the Language Video Project (Issuu) Vol. VI N° 4-5 April/June 1977.
Aspects of Language Learning (Issuu) Vol. VII N° 1 September 1977.
Further Insights into Learning Languages (PDF) or (Issuu) Vol. VII N° 2 December 1977 (Erroneously dated Vol. IX* N° 2 December 1979 on Issuu and ESWI doc)


The United States and the World : On Education (Issuu) Vol. VII N° 3 February 1978.
On Feedback (Issuu) Vol. VII N° 4 April 1978.
In Favor of Bilingualism (Issuu) Vol. VII N° 5 June 1978.
Storytelling and Storytellers (Issuu) Vol. VIII N° 1 September 1978.
Problems and Solutions (Issuu) Vol. VIII N° 2 December 1978.


The Year of the Child

Entering the World – Early Childhood (Issuu) Vol. VIII* N° 3 February 1979.
The Elementary School Years (Issuu) Vol. VIII* N° 4 April 1979.
Adolescence (Issuu) Vol. VIII* N°5 June 1979.
The Child in Every One of Us (Issuu) Vol. IX* N° 1 September 1979.
Knowing: Epistemology or Psychology? ( PDF) or (Issuu) Vol. IX* N° 2 December 1979.


Mathematics: Visible and Tangible (Issuu) Vol. IX N° 3 February 1980.
Our Impact Here and There (Issuu) Vol. IX N° 4 April 1980.
Computers in Education (Issuu) Vol. IX N° 5 June 1980.

The Year of the Disabled

A New Braille and Other Topics (Issuu) Vol. X N° 1 September 1980.
Clinic Cases (Issuu) Vol. X N° 2 December 1980.
Learning Disabilities (Issuu) Vol. X N° 3 February 1981.
Teaching the Deaf (Issuu) Vol. X N° 4 April 1981.
Are We Not All Handicapped? (Issuu) Vol. X N° 5 June 1981.


The Computer and the Mind (Issuu) Vol. XI N° 1 September 1981.
Solving Problems (Issuu) Vol. XI N° 2 December 1981.


Two of Our Breakthroughs (Issuu) Vol. XI N° 3-4 February/April 1982.
Energy, Time, Evolutionary Impasses and Man (Issuu) Vol. XI N° 5 June 1982.
The Origins and Evolution of Language (PDF) Vol. XII N° 1 September 1982.
Transfer of Learning (Issuu) Vol. XII N° 2 December 1982.


The Economics of Education – an Alternative View (Issuu) Vol. XII N° 3 February 1983.
Time: Public and Private (Issuu) Vol. XII N° 4 April 1983.
Looking Back and Then Forward (Issuu) Vol. XII N° 5 June 1983.
Making Silent Way Materials: An Invitation for Teamwork (Issuu) Vol. XIII N° 1 September 1983.
The Need to Know (PDF) or (Issuu) Vol. XIII* N° 2 December 1983.


Homo Economicus ( PDF) or (Issuu) Vol. XIII* N° 3 February 1984
Man Must Experiment (PDF) Vol. XIII N° 4 April 1984.
Whence Morality? (Issuu) Vol. XIII N° 5 June 1984.
Understanding Disagreements (Issuu) Vol. XIV N° 1 September 1984.
The Powers of Self-Education Maintained (Issuu) Vol. XIV N° 2 December 1984.


What’s a Good Question? (Issuu) Vol. XIV N° 3 February 1985.
A Reconsideration of the Sciences (Issuu) Vol. XIV N° 4 April 1985.
The Silent Way and Zen (Issuu) Vol. XIV N° 5 June 1985.
What is Man? (Issuu) Vol. XV N° 1-2 sept/December 1985.


Sleep Revisited (Issuu) Vol. XV N° 3-4 February/April 1986.
Can Language Teachers be Open-Minded? (PDF) or (Issuu) Vol. XV* N° 5 June 1986
Collective Experiments (Issuu) Vol. XVI N° 1 September 1986.


A Working Model for Health (PDF) or (Issuu) Vol. XVI N° 2-3-4 December/February/April 1987.
Caleb Gattegno’s Achievements (Issuu) Vol. XVI N° 5 June 1987.
From Pre-Humanity to Humanity (Issuu) Vol. XVII N° 1 September 1987.
Education and the Present World Crisis (Issuu) Vol. XVII N° 2 December 1987.


Of Music and Language (Issuu) Vol. XVII N° 3 February 1988.
The Hebrew-Jewish Experiment (Issuu) Vol. XVII N° 4-5 April/June 1988.

The PDF versions of the Newsletters and extracts from them are published with the kind permission of the copyright holder Education Solutions Worldwide Inc.