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Bibliography and links to Caleb Gattegno’s newsletters Cuisenaire News: 1961 -1964 Scanned images of the original documents so very slow loading. Issue A printed in December 1961. Edited by Brenda Briggs (PDF) Issue B printed in June 1962. Edited by Brenda Briggs (PDF) Issue C printed in January 1963. Edited […]


All these books have been published free as on-line web books by Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc. General books by Caleb Gattegno In the Beginning There Were No Words: The Universe of Babies Of Boys and Girls What We Owe Children The Adolescent and His Will Know Your Children As They […]

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The four realms
Evolution from the Big Bang to human beings               “From your window you see a sight which delights you. You can ask yourself: How can I understand all this in terms of energy? … energy is everywhere, energy is everything …” Caleb Gattegno, L’énergie […]

Roslyn Young and Piers Messum – Gattegno’s four realms

Caleb Gattegno
Caleb Gattegno – Wikipedia Caleb Gattegno: A famous mathematics educator from Africa? – Arthur B. Powell Gattegno’s four realms: Evolution from the Big Bang to human beings – Roslyn Young & Piers Messum Bibliography of Caleb Gattegno’s work – Roslyn Young Dr Caleb Gattegno Bibliography – Cuisenaire Co. UK Biography […]

Caleb Gattegno