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  Fanny Passeport advocates an approach that gives students space and time to learn The Silent Way (SW) is a pedagogical approach to teaching foreign languages invented by Caleb Gattegno in the late 1950’s. The language teacher using this approach strives to ‘subordinate teaching to learning’ by being silent most […]

Fanny Passeport – ‘The Silent Way’ to language acquisition

Patricia Benstein
    The following short passages are selected from a longer paper which the author presented in Australia describing her dissertation research on “An Overview of the Silent Way – theoretical concepts and their implementation”. At several points in the following she draws on an interview with Roslyn Young (conducted […]

Patricia Benstein – Explaining Concepts Behind The Silent Way

Caroline Ainsworth – Teaching Maths in Primary School Piers Messum – Teaching Pronunciation Differently Roslyn Young – Teaching English Pronunciation

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  The article which follows is the text of the Plenary Address which Shakti Gattegno gave on January 25, 1992 at the Fourteenth Annual Applied Linguistics Winter Conference, sponsored by the New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages – TESOL Applied Linguistics Special Interest Group and […]

Shakti Gattegno – The Silent Way: An Approach that Humanizes ...

Andrew Weiler
  I have recently been working with Hong Kong students who are enrolled in tertiary courses at the college I work in. Due to the difficulties they are experiencing because of their inadequate command of the English language, they come, or are referred, to the unit I work in. As […]

Andrew Weiler – One More Step to being Freer in ...

John Olsen
What four Silent Way teachers say to their students       Donna L’Hôte According to Caleb Gattegno, one of the manifestations of subordinating teaching to learning is that “the teacher works on the student and the student works on the language”. Four Silent Way teachers set out to find […]

What does ‘Working on the Student’ Mean?

What I learned as a Silent Way Teacher How many of us think about what we do with ourselves when we sleep? At most, we may associate sleep with dreaming, and we occasionally remember part of a particular dream from the night before. Until I became involved with the Silent […]

Bruce Ballard – The Role of Sleep in Language Learning

Bruce Ballard
          In this paper I wish to present an innovative approach to teaching structures of a language to L2 learners. I contend that it is possible to teach any structure in any second language in such a way that: there is no need to resort to […]

Bruce Ballard – Teaching “A” and “The” the Silent Way