We have all heard of the kind of curiosity which makes our children destroy their toys to see inside them, and of those adults who manage to keep this childhood curiosity alive in later years. Curiosity is experienced by all of us several times a day. We have questions […]

Introducing the Need to Know

  These words only mean that anyone capable of reaching his or her thinking will encounter a reality, which is made of a system constructed in certain ways and not others, is located in the mind and uses mental material although they are believed to have also another reality. In […]

Thinking can only be done on models

Some articles by Caleb Gattegno Errors and Mistakes in On Mistakes (PDF) (Issuu) Vol. VI N°2-3 December 1976/February 1977 Introducing the Need to Know in The Need to Know (PDF) (Issuu) Vol. XIII* N° 2 December 1983. Thinking can only be done on models in A Working Model for Health […]

Newsletters: Extracts

  In a number of activities of ours, we only do what we know and therefore are always right when engaged in them. But every time we are confronted with what we either do not know or are only just beginning to know, we neither expect to be right nor […]

Errors and Mistakes

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Bibliography and links to Caleb Gattegno’s newsletters Cuisenaire News: 1961 -1964 Scanned images of the original documents so very slow loading. Issue A printed in December 1961. Edited by Brenda Briggs (PDF) Issue B printed in June 1962. Edited by Brenda Briggs (PDF) Issue C printed in January 1963. Edited […]