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Practical Information

This is a WordPress site. It is open to all and no login is required (except for Admins).

The Forum on it is in the form of a Google Group.

You may find it a little confusing at first to find a Google Group inside a WordPress site. These notes are intended to help you find your way around.

Join the Forum

  1. The Forum is open to anyone who wants to read the posts.
  2. By default, the Topics with the most recent Posts are at the top of the list.
  3. To write in the forum (reply or start a new Topic), It is necessary to login to a Google account and the Subtle Google Group.
  4. To be informed of new Posts it is also necessary to join the Subtle Google Group.

Select your preferences

  1. Go to Google Groups to choose or modify your Google Groups settings.
  2. Go to My groups to modify your Subtle Google Group settings: how you receive email, your user name, the display language, etc.
  3. Posts can be received and sent by email (if enabled in your settings).
  4. Click on a Topic and then select Topic options to choose how Topics and Posts are displayed:
  5. Members can use their Google ID (photo, etc.) if they wish.
  6. Click on Help (top, right) to find Google’s help forum and in particular Start with Google Groups as a participant. There are translations into many languages.

Using the Forum

  1. When starting a new Topic, members must select at least one of the suggested tags or add their own.
  2. Messages are sent as email immediately (Moodle users beware!)
  3. Messages can be edited after they’ve been posted (typos, missed out words, etc.) but only the on-line text will be changed, not the emails which have already been sent and downloaded to members’ mailers.
  4. It’s possible to Cc a post to people not in the Group.
  5. Messages can be automatically translated into and out of whichever language is selected as the display language
  6. YouTube videos can’t be inserted inside a post but they can be linked to.
  7. Images can be uploaded and inserted and documents attached.
  8. Social media buttons have been added in WordPress,
  9. Lazarus: Form Recovery works (install in Firefox or Chrome to recover posts inadvertently deleted)

The Twitter hashtag is #subtle_ed (note underscore) but we haven’t created a Twitter account for it yet.